Having the right tools for the job is important in any repair endeavor. Whether you are a repair professional or DIY tinkerer, having the right tools for the job already on hand in your toolbox is an invaluable time and frustration saver.

iFixit’s toolkits are carefully assembled to include all the important tools to perform all types of electronics repairs, then discounted to say thank you to our customers who support our manuals and community through tool purchases. From a basic media player battery replacement to more serious surgeries requiring soldering or heat guns, our modular toolkits will help you build a toolbox that fits your needs.


38Pcs Precision Multi Screwdriver Set

Our most efficient bare-bones kit. Great for most basic DIY PC, media player, cell phone, and laptop repairs. More serious hobbyists, tool junkies, and professionals should scroll down and check out our expandable Pro Toolkits.